Filter presses are pressure filtration devices and the feed pump plays selection plays a vital role in filtration.

Screw pumps are very effective in pushing the slurry into the filter press. The progressive cavity pumps are variable-speed drive pumps that operate based on the geometrical fit between the rotating element of the pump (rotor) and stationary element (stator). The pumping action is achieved by the rotor turning eccentrically within the stator, which causes fluid to enter cavities formed between the rotor and stator at the pump inlet and to progress within that cavity to the pump outlet.

These pumps are often constructed with multiple stages to achieve the high discharge pressure required for the filter press operation. These multistage pumps typically have increased pressures and decreased flow rates with additional stages, with a maximum pump speed of 200 to 250 rpm to minimize wear on the pump rotor and stator.

We supply screw pumps along with our filter presses. We can help you choose the right pump with right material of construction for your application. Please contact us to know more.


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