round plate

The Round plate Filter Press is widely used for solid liquid separation in Stone Wastewater, Ceramics, Insulators and Kaolin industries.

Filter plate design to be round double side recessed chamber filter plate type to meet higher filtering pressure. These round plate filter press are used where it has high viscosity, high feeding solid content,

and high filtering pressure requirement material filtration to get less filter cake moisture content and fulfill less electrical power consumption for the next drying step.

We at Hydro Press Industries manufacture filter presses with various kinds of plates and frames. We are among the very few industries to offer round plate filter press. The round plate is made from materials such as Polypropylene (PP), Stainless Steel (SS), Cast Iron (CI) or Phosphor Bronze (PB). These materials make the frame leak-proof. The size of the plates varies, but the standard size is 800mm diameter.

The filtration surfaces in the round plates are made of round cylindrical buttons generally known as Pips. In CI or other metallic plates, it is made of grooves either straight or diamond shaped. In PB plates, the filtration surface is made of circular grooves connected by straight grooves. The plates are zero leakage plate with an O-ring sealing in the plates for special applications. A check ring seals the leakage between the filter plate and filter cloth.


800 mm diameter


  • 470mm X 470mm
  • 610 mm X 610 mm
  • 800 mm X 800 mm
  • 1000 mm X 1000 mm


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