The hydro cyclone separator offered by us is used to classify or separate particles in liquid suspension based on the densities of the particles.

It can be used to separate solids from liquids or to separate liquids of different density. The offered cyclone separator ensures smooth operation, high efficiency and trouble-free performance. It can be used for section I closed circuit grinding, section II closed circuit grinding, regrinding for fine mine classifications, mud-removing before and after selection and dam and back fill for gangue.

The hydro cyclone offered by us is designed for fine and accurate cut-points. The innovative design reduces misplacement of product and spillage. It is also abrasion and heat resistant.


  • Size ranging from 1 inch to 14 inches
  • Multiple system for large volume applications
  • Matched pumping system for fine performance
Type Overflow size Max density of pulp (%) Average density of pulp (%) Capacity of pulp(m3/h) Feeding pressure Overall size
FX-100 0.025~0.25 70 50~60 0.92~6.67 50~300 200X140X308
FX-125 0.025~0.25 70 50~60 3.0~17 50~300 320X260X648
FX-150 0.025~0.25 70 50~60 5.0~26 50~300 380X363X905
FX-250 0.025~0.25 70 50~60 10~39 50~300 540X475X118


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